Exeptionally Large Figure of a Court Lady


Earthenware with pigments
Tang Dynasty (618 – 907)

Height: 28 inches (71 cm)
Large standing figure of a female court attendant, resplendently attired in a voluminous gown, the cold-painted pigments of the blue ground decorated with large red and green florets. Her arms, enveloped by the loose sleeves of her robe, are folded across the chest as she rests her weight over one foot while the other peeks out from the hem of her gown revealing the tip of an elaborate ‘cloud’ slipper. Her rounded face is accentuated by flamboyantly rouged cheeks and black painted eyes, her hair is swept up into an elaborately drafted and extravagantly collapsed chignon.

Such figures are the epitome of Tang court fashion from the mid 8th century, attesting to the height of the Emperor Xuanzong’s infatuation with the great, plump beauty Yang Guifei. The large proportions, loose fitting lavish gowns and the collapsed or fallen coiffure were the fashion of the period and avidly adopted by the court and nobility. Their presence as mingqi reflects the importance of women in the Tang court as well as the enduring influence of the emperor’s concubine Yang Guifei. It is rare to find one with these dimensions and with such strong remaining pigments.

高28 英寸(71 公分)