Out of the Blue by Zhi Guang Ju, FRPS

居之光 《青出於藍》

To accompany our 30th anniversary exhibition, Eight Transitional Treasures, we will be presenting an exhibition of photographs.

The exhibition will take the form of an installation, complementing the blue and white ceramics on show. Entitled Out of the Blue, the photographs are the work of Chinese photographer Zhi Guang Ju, FRPS.

Very few photographers have gained the distinction of becoming a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, based in Bath, and Mr Ju, who gained his FRPS in 2014, is currently the only one from China.

Out of the Blue is a response to the exceptionally vivid work of the Transitional Period (1630–1680) painters on porcelain in Jingdezhen in China, with their use of highly refined cobalt-blue combined with outstanding skill in painting. Mr Ju, whose work may be characterised as ‘abstracted nature’, uses his camera
like a painting brush, with tilts, sweeps and zooms, all within a single exposure.

The technique is much influenced by the sixth century Chinese art critic Xie He, who formulated the ‘six principles of Chinese painting’. The first and most important of these – indeed the guiding principle of Chinese art – is qiyun shengdong, translatable as ‘spirit resonance, living movement’. Using his technique of moving the camera like a brush, Mr Ju has employed this ancient principle in a twenty-first century context, producing striking images, remarkable for their energy and representing a dramatic fusion between eastern and western approaches.

Berwald Oriental Art is delighted to be the first gallery to exhibit his photographs.

For more information of his work at the RPS , see also: www.rps.org/member/profile/zhi-guang-ju


Home town: China Shanghai
Early years – Studied Chinese painting under the artist Ye Zifan, and also studied stage design and lighting
1987 - First solo photographic exhibition, in Shanghai
1988 - Solo photography trip to North-West China, Inner Mongolia and Tibet
1988-2010 - Participated in numerous international salons organized by the RPS/FIAP/PSA
1991 - Hired as a full time photographer and graphic designer in Hong Kong
1996 - Hired as graphic designer for the Reunification of Hong Kong program
2006 - Entered Beijing University College of Photography
2009 - Became a member of the RPS
2010 - Awarded ‘2010 International Photography Exhibitions, Top Ten’ by CPNO International Art Salon for outstanding achievement.
2010 - Awarded ARPS distinction for panel entitled Shanghai Night
2014 - Awarded FRPS distinction for panel entitled Facing the Snow