Bust of a Warrior


Painted stucco
Late Song/Early Yuan Dynasty (12th – 13th C.)

Height: 12 inches (14 cm)
This finely modelled head with glass inlaid bulging eyes, furrowed brow and snarling mouth, conveys an aura of ferocity becoming a warrior or guardian. The bust is attired in resplendent military armour with animal head shoulder guards. The headpiece is very dynamic being an elaborate glass-eyed dragon with furrowed brows and a thick flared deeply carved mane.

The bust is constructed on a central wooden core that is covered in clay and strengthened with straw and iron. Mineral pigments have then been used to highlight the features.

As stucco pieces were not fired they could be produced on site unlike their ceramic or stone counterparts. This made stucco a popular medium for the large Buddhist sculptures in the temple complexes and monasteries in areas such as Shanxi.


高12 英寸(14 公分)